Justin Krashefski: A Demanding Discipline

Justin Krashefski is a fulltime student at Florida Atlantic University, where he is majoring in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. He already has an Associate of Science degree in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology, which he received from Keiser University in 2012.

The study of Exercise Science and Health Promotion is rigorous and demanding, and the department at Florida Atlantic University is among the best in the nation. As Justin Krashefski has learned, it is known for high academic standards, innovative research and teaching, and most of all for its professional faculty.

Justin Krashefski

Florida Atlantic’s Exercise Science and Health Promotion department is based on FAU’s Boca Raton Campus. Its programs are designed to give students the grounding they need for careers in clinical, corporate, commercial and community physical fitness and wellness education. After completing the program, students will be prepared to take the American College of Sports Medicine certification examination in the speciality area of Health/Fitness Instructor (HFI), the National Strength and Conditioning Association exam for Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), or the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing Exam for Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).

Justin Krashefski is dedicated to the curriculum at Florida Atlantic University. His goal is to learn everything he can about the sports medicine discipline, and receive his Bachelors degree. Toward that end he has dedicated himself to his studies. Justin Krashefski exhibits a high level of commitment to the discipline because he wants to be a complete sports medicine professional.

Justin Krashefski is also committed to his own physical fitness. His personal regimen includes weight training, running, and swimming. It also includes a proper diet. Justin Krashefski is determined to become a sports medicine specialist that athletes can rely on.


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