Justin Krashefski on How to Be a Good Student

When it comes to academics, Justin Krashefski’s experience falls nothing short of exemplary. Justin has put his strong brain muscles to work in several educational institutions, giving him a broader and more eclectic approach to higher education.

Justin Krashefski

Justin Krashefski

His first stint in education after high school was in Coast Guard basic training in New Jersey. Having achieved good grades and physical prowess throughout high school, Justin Krashefski proudly displayed these talents to his instructors and peers, and always kept a strong focus on the prize. He almost made it look too easy, gaining the envy of some fellow cadets but also earning that active duty status without a day wasted.

He then went on to the Fort Lauderdale Police Academy, where his talents and enthusiasm persisted to put him at the top of his class. But it wasn’t Justin Krashefski’s abilities or wits that got him through the academy. He developed a new skill there: making friends. His fellow cadets respected him much more than in Coast Guard training, and with his newfound skill to put his resources to work, he helped others as they helped him, and they all made it through to graduation together.

Justin Krashefski’s ability to constantly adapt in the scholarly arena is what makes him such a competent student. He later earned An Associate’s degree in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology from Keiser University. He is currently seeking a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University so he can start his own business one day.