Justin Krashefski – Dedicated to Education

Justin Krashefski quite literally has a world of experiences in a number of fields.  He is a veteran and former member of the United States Coast Guard.  He is also a former police officer with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.  He is also a highly educated man with a fierce dedication to advancing his knowledge in the fields of his choice.  That choice is sports medicine.

Justin Krashefski

Sports medicine is a body of fields that focuses on helping people improve their athletic performance, recover from injuries and prevent future injuries. It is one of the fastest-growing health care fields in the industry.  The appeal is great due to the fact that sports medicine health workers help many regular people as well as elite athletes.

Many people participate in sports just for fun or seek to get better results from their exercise program.  These patients sometimes suffer injuries and want to regain full function as soon as possible.

Additionally, there are people who have disabilities that may want to increase their mobility and capabilities through sports medicine.  Practitioners in this field can take on a number of roles such as an exercise physiologist, nurse, nutrition expert, physical therapist, Kinesiotherapist, Athletic Trainer, Doctor of Osteopathy, and many more.

The career path one chooses depends on the individual’s interests, educational goals and the environment where they may want to work. The field usually requires some sort of degree and has a number of certifications that can be achieved.  Justin Krashefski is on that path to a Bachelor Degree at the Florida Atlantic University.


Justin Krashefski – Career in Sports Medicine

Justin Krashefski is a military veteran with a distinguished five-year record of service in the United States Coast Guard and a four-year public service record as an office in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.  He is well-known for his physical fitness and leadership in athletic activities.  Krashefski is seeking education and a career as a potential business owner in the field of sports medicine.

There are many specialities within the growing practice of sports medicine, as technologies are evolving and sports are booming.  Today, a sports medicine specialist is an individual that has specialized education and training and focuses on both the medical and therapeutic aspects of sports participation and physical activity. There are physicians in this space, but sports medicine specialists are not necessarily physicians in the classic sense.  The educational demands are high, and there are bachelors, masters, and certificate programs in sports medicine.

Justin Krashefski

In his path to the top, Krashefski can look forward to specialized training in this field in medicine that deals with sport or exercise-related injuries. Within the practice, the primary focus is on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries that occur during sports and other physical activity.  It can be on the field, treating elite athletes, a lot can take place in an office location, amongst other related doctors perhaps.

It can pretty much be anywhere.  Typically, the sports medicine professional is there to help people that are looking to prevent injuries, recover from injuries, improve their performance, or improve their lifestyles.  Krashefski looks forward to the day when he can set up his own shop and offer these services to the community.  Sports, athletics, performance and dealing with injuries are a life-long passion of Krashefski’s and he aims to continue this in his professional career for years to come.

Justin Krashefski – Serving On Land and Overseas

Justin Krashefski grew up in Florida, so it surprises few he much he has embraced land and sea throughout his life.  Florida is seemingly the perfect place to be a person of this disposition, because the state is surrounded by bodies of water and features miles of prime coastline.

This kind of environment is conducive to an active lifestyle, and Krashefski has embraced a lifelong path of fitness that has played a big part throughout his career.

Justin Krashefski was once a young athlete with a history of sports successes, and upon graduating high school, he joined the United States Coast Guard.  He served there for five years, protecting our country from threats to the citizens of this country, by curbing drug trafficking, human smugglers and patrolling our coasts for any kind of threats that may lurk across the coast.

Justin Krashefski

After his five years were up, he returned to serve domestically when he joined the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.  Justin Krashefski served as a police officer for four years, conducting himself with distinction and a reputation for outstanding dedication.  One of the ways Krashefski led was through his outstanding physical conditioning.

He also led with numerous arrests in response to crimes of all kinds that occurred in the city.  He witnessed violence, drug activity and other serious crimes during his service there and took his responsibility to the community to the highest levels.  The plain fact of the matter is that physical conditioning boosts mental aspects, and both of those are part of the police officer’s job.  That is why Justin Krashefski has always maintained his physical fitness.

Justin Krashefski Record of Service

Justin Krashefski is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces that served for the Coast Guard.  He served domestically, overseas, and at sea in this county’s service.  It was a career that dates back to his youth, where he started his athletic pursuits and path towards military service through exercise programs.

Justin Krashefski

Justin Krashefski

He was not only a star athlete, he actually led peers through exercise programs.  It was this prowess, dedication and state of physical fitness that led to Krashefski’s enrollment in the military and further service in law enforcement.

Justin Krashefski’s record of outstanding service became official when he joined the Coast Guard out of high school.  He served for five years on multiple deployments that took him to a variety of locations, such as islands in the Caribbean and over to other countries. Justin Krashefski relished in his role in the Coast Guard.

He kept America and its borders safe, acted to halt illegal human and halt drug trafficking organizations.  Each of these challenges threaten the security, prosperity and well-being of American civilians. Upon entry, Justin Krashefski was noted as an exemplary cadet from day one.  He constantly inspired peers towards higher achievement and to take care of themselves emotionally and physically while doing so.

Krashefski’s next phase after his service in the military continued his spirit of service when he became a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer.  As an officer of the law, Krashefski continued his pursuit of physical fitness and service excellence.  During the next four years in his service as an officer, Krashefski made many arrests and conducted himself with distinction.  Krashefski is also known as a great partner and colleague, as he always supported the people he worked with.

Justin Krashefski: On Active Duty

Justin Krashefski spent four years on active duty with the United States Coast Guard, and another four years as a Coast Guard reservist.

Justin Krashefski appreciates the time he spent with the Coast Guard and considers it a valuable experience. He also has the satisfaction of having served his country. Justin Krashefski has learned that many peopl don’t really know what the Coast Guard does, or what its main functions are.

The Coast Guard, Justin Krashefski will inform those who don’t know, is a maritime, military, multi-mission service with a maritime law enforcement mission.It also has a federal regulatory mission. As a professional serviceman in the Coast Guard for many years, Justin Krashefski is able to let people just how important the Coast Guard is, and how much it contributes to the security of the United States.

Surprisingly, there is no official term for members of the Coast Guard. For many years, “Coastie” was the preferred term, although “Guardian” has become more popular in recent years. By whatever name, though, or Justin Krashefski and others serving in the United States Coast Guard, the job was all about eliminating potential threats to the United States.

Justin Krashefski was honored to have received the awards he got during his time in the Coast Guard. He often went above and beyond the call of duty and served as an example of honor amongst his fellow service members.

The United States Coast Guard is one of the five armed forces of the United States. The Coast Guard is unique, in that it is the only military organization within the Department of Homeland Security.

Justin Krashefski the Workout Enthusiast


Justin Krashefski is a military veteran who has maintained his love for physical fitness throughout his life.  On the road to the military, certainly within the military, and through his time as a police office in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Krashefski has been an enthusiast of fitness all his life.

His level of lifetime fitness has always been a part of his duty, so he has maintained a strict regimen of workouts and fitness to maintain it. He continues to carry out his routine to this day and it is composed of a number of exercise and fitness principles and sport activities. When Krashefski is at the top of his game, he is prepared to deliver the kind of service he expects of himself, in top physical form that could be constantly tested during duty.

Krashefski’s routine includes weightlifting, where he works his upper body strong though daily lifting. He is at the gym training on a regular basis, on such equipment as press benches, isometric machines and free weights.  Krashefski works hard to increase the strength of his chest, biceps, triceps and neck muscles. Krashefski also does a bit of running.

Running has always been a core component of his routine, and he has regularly competed in 3k, 5k, half-marathon and marathon events.  Through these events, he’s able to maintain a measure of achievement and compete with others in the community. Finally, another key component of Krashefski’s routine is the activity of swimming. He feels that swimming really ties it all together, combining upper body and lower body strength. He regularly swims in the ocean off of the beaches in the area, and is the master of several swimming styles.

Justin Krashefski A Future Career in Sports Medicine

Justin Krashefski is a student in the field of Sports Medicine. From an early age, Krashefski embraced a potential future career in sports medicine.  He has started on this path through education and he initially studied at Keiser University where he received an Associate’s degree in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology. Today he studies in a focused program at the Florida Atlantic University.
There, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Ultimately, Justin Krashefski projects that he will hopefully be able to establish his own business in sports medicine.  Until that time, he is willing to pay the price, work hard and deliver the time he needs to put in to make it happen.  Krachefski is a former member of the United States Coast Guard division of the United State Armed Forces.

He served for five years and upon his entry into civilian life, he started on his journey to his fitness goals.  Education is a big step for this plan on a road that takes a lot of knowledge and real world experience.
Krashefski eats this knowledge up and implements his own custom routine and methodologies in his personal training regimen.  This real world experience will likely serve him well as sports medicine is composed of a variety of practices and methodologies.  Some things have to be experienced because the trade is always evolving, so Krashefski uses his military training background and continual training as a base of knowledge.  Krashefski is looking to ultimately operate his own business in the field one day down the road.