Justin Krashefski Loves Being Active

Since he was young, Justin Krashefski has lived an active lifestyle. He grew up playing various sports, and after college chose to enlist in the U.S. Coast Guard. While serving in the USCG, he was required to maintain a high degree of physical fitness, participating in daily workouts of high intensity. After five years with the Coast Guard, Krashefski moved back home to Florida where he began studying to become a police officer. In 2006, he joined the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and began protecting the residents of the Broward County city. The FLPD is responsible for protecting the 33 square mile area of Fort Lauderdale. That jurisdiction includes 84 miles of navigable waterways and seven miles of coastline. Krashefski’s Coast Guard training proved particularly effective when patrolling Fort Lauderdale’s waterways.

3158677447_35880f6b7cAfter spending four years protecting the people of Fort Lauderdale, Justin Krashefski decided to pursue a new career, this time in fitness education. After realizing that he could make a career out of his proclivity for working out, he enrolled at Keiser University and earned an Associate’s degree in Sports Medicine. He also earned his Personal Trainer Certification from the American Council on Exercise and is currently working toward a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University. He plans to use these educational assets to open a fitness studio after graduation where he plans to teach others how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise.