Justin Krashefski on Health

Justin Krashefski espouses the benefits of a health mind, body and soul.  He is known to many as a health and fitness advocate as he has dedicated his whole life in one way or another to maintaining health and excelling in athletic activity.  At the root of this lifelong passion is a never-ending dedication to a strong workout schedule.

Justin KrashefskiThis exercise routine is composed of the best in a number of disciplines.  Addressing such issues as strength, cardiovascular, conditioning, flexibility, speed, agility, and more, Krashefski has composed a routine of workouts that keep him and those who dare to workout with him in top physical shape.  It is something that started when he was a young man, active like many children at a young age, but particularly involved in and excelling in a number of sports.  He learned the lessons early and the correlation between dedication and success on the field.  This was the foundation of a lifelong trek of workouts, weight rooms, miles on the track, on a bike, in the pool and much more.  A daily routine is one thing, but Krashefski is an achiever that reveled in constantly finding his boundaries and pushing past them.

Justin KrashefskiContinual improvement has been a cornerstone and he feels that having targets in mind are critical to a complete workout system.  He continued his dedication to health beyond his formative educational years and upon graduating from high school, joined the United States Coast Guard, where he served for five years.  His physical fitness helped him excel as a member and the physical demands in the service are certainly high.  He moved on from the Coast Guard to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, where as an officer, he faced physical and mental demands where again he relied on his superior conditioning and mental toughness to perform as an officer of the law.

Justin KrashefskiPhysical achievements are the norm for Justin Krashefski, and he continues his athletic pursuits today.  He has moved on from the police service in a path towards attaining higher education. He is working towards a career in sports medicine, and he now holds an Associate’s Degree in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology from Kaiser University.  At this time, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University. His ultimate goal is to open a business that can help athletes and private citizens alike to reach their fullest potential, prevent injuries and recover from them.