Justin Krashefski – Certified with the American Council on Exercise

Justin Krashefski is a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise living in Boca Raton. He plans on opening his own fitness studio in the community after he earns his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University. He already has the aforementioned certification from the American Council on Exercise and an Associate’s degree in Sports Medicine from Keiser University, but Krashefski wants to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that he’s a qualified personal trainer capable of helping people reach their goals and run his own fitness studio.

Justin Krashefski

Justin Krashefski wanted to earn his certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a part of his total education plan in the subject of personal fitness because ACE advocates for personal trainers everywhere and ensures that all personal trainers in the United States are qualified to help people in their communities and contribute to the improvement of the overall health of people in the US. Justin Krashefski took advantage of ACE’s comprehensive training and certification programs so that he could better contribute to the nationwide community of personal trainers. One of ACE’s key issues that it conducts regular advocacy services for is incentivizing employee wellness programs, an issue that Krashefski thinks is very important for the health goals of all working Americans. Krashefski wanted to be a part of an organization working to bring better exercise plans to workplaces throughout the country.

Justin Krashefski is trying to get enough support together to open his first fitness studio.