Justin Krashefski – Choosing The Right Running Gear

Justin Krashefski loves to run and workout. As a personal trainer, he spends a lot of time working with clients and teaching them the importance of a good workout. That also means they should be comfortable while working out. Having the right running gear can make a big difference. Here are some tips to help you choose the right items.

Justin Krashefski


It is important to choose a pair of running shoes that fit well and are comfortable. It may take a couple of weeks to completely break in your running shoes. When your shoes fit well you can perform better and will be less likely to stop or give up because of blisters or other types of foot pain.


You should choose running clothing that fits loosely and allows you with plenty of room to move. There are many brands and styles that are designed specifically for runners and will keep you cool, comfortable and allow for plenty of movement. Many runners dress in layers for comfort.


Many people like to run with accessories such as headbands, sweatbands, special socks and other things. Make sure your accessories do not interfere with your running and do not make you uncomfortable. You should only wear the accessories you need or that make your run better.

If you love to run like Justin Krashefski and want to be comfortable while doing so, you need to have the right gear. The above tips can help you choose the items you need to help you run better.